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Frequently Asked Questions - What you should know

Are you registered to perform weddings in my location?

I am registered to perform weddings in the entire state of Connecticut.

How long have you officiated at weddings?

I have been officiating at weddings since January 2009.

About how many weddings do you officiate per year?

I do an average of 50 weddings per year all over the state.

Can you give us the ceremony we want?

Yes, I will work with you to give you the ceremony that you want to have. My goal is to make this your very special day. I can email you the ceremonies that I have used, so that you can adapt them any way that you wish. We can do add on ceremonies like the Unity Candle, or the Sand Ceremony, Hand Fasting, Jumping the Line, Blessing of Hands. You can have family members, children, or pets be a part of the ceremony as well. You can also get more ideas on my website. This is your day, I can add or take away anything that you desire. My motto is: Your Ceremony, Your Way.

How long do the ceremonies take?

That would depend on whether you want readings, or add ons. I can do long with many parts, or short with just the basics. The average length of a ceremony is 10 – 15 minutes.

What type of ceremonies do you perform?

All of the ceremonies are considered “civil” as in non-religious. I have performed all types of ceremonies including same sex ceremonies.

What are your rules as to photography?

I go along with all photographers as to the pictures taken, where they stand, etc. I usually get out of the way after the pronouncement so as to not be a part of the picture unless they want me to be there.

How often will we meet?

I can have an initial meeting with the couple at my local coffeehouse, just to chat so you can meet me face to face, ask questions, generally get a feel for what I do, or I can do a rehearsal if you want me there, we can talk on the phone, unlimited email. Mostly, it is an initial consultation, then phone calls or email.

Is pre-marital counseling required?

No, I do not require this kind of counseling.

Will you be joining us at the reception?

No. I feel that the reception is for family and friends. While it is a very nice thought, I don’t think I should be there.

How much is your fee and what does it include?

My usual fee is $250 including a $50 non-refundable booking fee. The $250 includes an initial consultation, a unique and personalized ceremony written just for you, and the ceremony itself. If you need me for the rehearsal, it is an additional $50. If I have to travel more than 60 miles from Danbury, then it will be an additional $25. I will also sign and deliver the license to the Town Clerk’s office in the town where the ceremony was performed as required by CT law. The fee covers my time, gas, interview, unlimited email, or phone calls, plus you have to figure in my advertising, web site, insurance, office expenses, etc. The ceremony itself is just a small part of my total commitment for your day.

How long is the marriage license good for?

65 days. The cost is usually $30 - 35 for the license.It takes about 20 minutes for the Town Clerk to fill out the paperwork. You can get married that same day. There is not waiting period.

I would love to be a part of your special day. I can email the ceremonies to you for you to adapt as you wish. We can do add on specials as well. You can have as many attendants including pets as part of the ceremony as well. I also offer a special for drive in – get married – drive out ceremonies especially for out of state couples including same sex couples. Connecticut makes it very easy as there is no waiting period after you get your license. I can meet you at Town Hall and we go to a park nearby and do it – no muss no fuss.

I offer a $50 discount for military couples where one is going on overseas deployment soon.


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