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About Us


Are you Ready? Let's Get Married!

I am a nondenominational Minister and Notary. I can marry you anywhere within Florida. However, my preferred area is St. Lucie County, Martin County, lower Indian River County and northern Palm Beach County.

In my former "life" I was a Justice of the Peace for Connecticut - appointed on January 5, 2009 and have performed over 300 wedding ceremonies there (100 of those being same sex ceremonies).

I am able to join "traditional" man/woman couples who want to get married and NOW I can legally wed same sex couples. Congratulations Florida for now being a marriage equality state. The marriage ceremony is a time of great joy and happiness for the couple, as well it should be. I just want to make it happen for you the way you envision it.

I offer what I call a "fly in - get married - fly out" elopement ceremony for those who are coming to Florida to get married. I can meet you at the beach of your choice, or at a local park nearby to perform a brief ceremony of your choice. Afterwards, I will fill out the license and deliver it to the appropriate county courthouse. No muss - no fuss if that is the way you want it. We can also perform a more detailed ceremony at a local restaurant or banquet hall if that is your choice. I can help with the planning of that. I have access to various vendor lists of sites and caterers, photographers, etc. just waiting to make this your special day.

Whatever your preference is, we will do our best to make it happen for you.



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